Yoruba & English Bible – With Full Offline Audio

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Game description:

The No.1 Original Yoruba and English Bible with full offline audio. An award winning app! Yoruba Bible – Bibeli Mimọ. A complete Yoruba audio bible with Yoruba audio, pidgin audio, english bible(KJV, NIV), prizes for quizzes etc.

**The only Yoruba Bible app with complete offline scriptures, offline audio in Old & New Testaments (all for free) – Full audio in Yoruba, Nigerian Pidgin, English (NIV, KJV etc)

**Read side by side (parallel) or switch between Yoruba and English and Pidgin for both Old and New Testaments (Scriptures & audio)

Install the only Offline Holy Bible in Yoruba (Nigerian), English languages with offline audio in Yoruba and English and Pidgin. The only Bible that talks to you! The Complete Holy Bible in your mother language + English all in your pocket. Read, Listen and Hear! The best of the best and much anticipated and sought after Nigerian app. There are 40million yoruba speakers in Nigeria. This is a smart & intelligent offline holy bible app approved and appointed to be read in churches & for personal use

Some Top features of Yoruba & English Bible:

– Complete Offline scriptures with offline audio in Yoruba & English languages for both Old & New Testaments. Audio support for Pidgin too in addition to Yoruba and English
– The only Holy Bible that talks to you! High quality audio allows the Bible to be read to you out loud in Nigerian & English languages
– Open particular bible verse quickly – By saying or typing the chapter or verse you want. Powered by Ojo the Yoruba artificial intelligent assistant
– Automatic scrolling feature allows the Bible to scroll automatically when audio is being played or read by Ojo
– Full offline use for both scriptures & audio. You don’t need the internet to use it. Best yoruba app ever
– Add your own commentaries, text notes, voice notes, sermons, record preachings, songs, praise, worships, church services & personal notes
– Complete Holy Bible in Yoruba, English containing both Old and New Testaments
– Full offline Speech, audio support – Smart Ojo can automatically scroll & read out loud scriptures to you in this top Yoruba, English and Pidgin bible
– Option to read scriptures in parallel mode(Yoruba and English Side by side) or in single mode (Yoruba or English)
– Bible with devotions – Be encouraged with daily devotional messages, motivational verses, inspirational verses to help you in your day to day life
– Highlight, bookmark & save sections of scriptures and verses in this top Super english & Yoruba bible
– Copy, share, translate scriptures with friends & families in this best super english & Yoruba bible
-The parallel mode feature allows you to use this best Nigerian app as a Yoruba to english translator or english to yoruba translator

This app will empower you spiritually through your walk with God. You can read in parallel mode (Yoruba English side by side) or read in single mode (Yoruba or English). Ojo & Noah can read scriptures to your hearing, scroll verses intelligently read out devotions & motivational quotes. Yoruba Holy Bible (Bibeli Mimo) allows you to highlight bookmark any part of scripture add notes share scriptures with friends, family on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter with Yorùbá bible.

Switch between South western Nigeria Yorùbá, Pidgin, Yoruba English bible & English in King James Version (KJV), New International Version (NIV), Amplified Bible (AMP), New American Standard Bible, The Living Bible, New Living Translation(NLT)
Offers Yoruba translator, english to Yoruba translator, yoruba dictionary translator
The Nigerian bible in Yoruba language, English Language Super English & Yoruba bible. Top Nigerian app with Yoruba audio.
Record audio, hymns, praise, worship in best africa app. Translate in English to Yoruba & Yoruba to English, super english Yoruba bible to be used in churches Methodist, pentecost, Roman catholic, Jesus Christ churches

Install this top app to grow your faith & get you closer to God
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MOD Features:
You know what you are signing for when you play a freemium game.
-Watch ads for rewards
-Pay with real money to progress faster. And more progress = winning, therefore...

Yoruba & English Bible – With Full Offline Audio MOD APK


Manual Steps:
1. Install APK (original)
2. Follow my advices and play

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