Taptiles – 3D Mahjong Puzzle

Game Name: Taptiles – 3D Mahjong Puzzle


Game description:

Start playing Taptiles today – the original 3D mahjong puzzle game that millions of players love.

Tap and match tiles in this unique 3D puzzle adventure to progress to the next level. Solve 3D puzzle boards with quick thinking and smart moves.

Plan your moves by matching 2 identical tiles and using powerups to blast away the trickiest puzzle tiles. Match and tap tiles across thousands of levels.

Taptiles features:

Thousands of classic majong levels, puzzles and boards with more added every day – you’ll be tapping your toes and your tiles in no time. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Come back daily for new rewards, challenges and majong levels for every skill level – if you like tapping and matching tiles, you’re in the right place!

Match, craft and tap majong tiles your way with dazzling boosts that you’ll love – Taptiles boosts are designed to bring your game and excitement to next level!

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Enjoy this classic 3D puzzle game adventure now and craft your skill to become a Taptiles master!

How to play Taptiles:

? Find and tap matching majong tiles that are unblocked on the left or right side of the tiles – these are the same classic mahjong rules you know and love with a new twist. When you tap on two tiles that are unblocked, the box is removed from the level. Remove each tile box to move on to the next level and become a mah-jongg master

? Train your brain with complex 3D tile puzzles that rotate 360 degrees – if you can’t find the tile you want, simply rotate the entire level but don’t forget where Rotate 3D puzzle board to find more matching tile pairs

? Match cubes quickly before the time runs out! Some Taptiles modes have countless levels and your goal is to complete a certain number of mah-jongg levels or just make as much progress as you can before time runs out

? Use power tiles to earn more points in many mahjong modes – the power tiles can be used together to ensure that you match as many cubes as possible in the shortest amount of time or gain more time on your game timer

Test your mind now and craft the perfect strategy with different mah-jongg game modes and challenges:

Dash Mode is simple and full of tile puzzles perfect for quick games. Clear each box quickly to earn extra time. How many puzzles can you clear before the time runs out? Be competitive and test your skills. Quick gameplay earns you special bonus tiles with special effects, such as Wild Tile, Gem Tile, and Time Tile.

Origins Mode is a new mahjong puzzle game mode in Taptiles that includes large, challenging puzzles with a more relaxing time limit. Think through each level and complete the skill building puzzles before time runs out to advance levels. Craft your strategy to get to the next level!

Relaxation Mode is untimed for a relaxing game experience version of Taptiles. Perfect for players who want a calming puzzle experience now without time pressure. Take a break with Relaxation Mode.

Daily Challenges are a favorite feature of Taptiles fans. Players receive new challenges every day and come back to see what’s next. Daily challenges include a wide variety of difficulty on the basic tile tapping game. Try challenges like Color Charge or Tap Tower for daily fun. There are various beautiful box colors for you to enjoy!

Play Taptiles and transport yourself to a mysterious world filled with cube or box tiles and puzzles only you can solve. Hone your craft in an immersive world of 3D mah-jongg puzzles!

Start tapping mah-jongg tiles now in every level of this fun free 3D puzzle game! You’ll love it!

Play Taptiles for free now and play endless 3d majong games!

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MOD Features:
You know what you are signing for when you play a freemium game.
-Watch ads for rewards
-Pay with real money to progress faster. And more progress = winning, therefore...

Taptiles – 3D Mahjong Puzzle MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install APK (original)
2. Follow my advices and play

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