Strafed zombie-Fish Hunterd

Game Name: Strafed zombie-Fish Hunterd

  • Game Version: 1.0
  • Game description:

    New  Our well-built game “Strafed zombie-Fish Hunterd” is a leisure entertainment city arcade fishing version of shooting and catching zombies. The unprecedented zombie gameplay is coming! Looking forward to your feedback after the trial!

    In our shooting of zombies, a hundred cannons are just the start, and a thousand cannons are not the end! Shoot easily and explode with joy! Classic fishing gameplay, powerful fort, cool skills! I wish you a helping hand, the crazy hunting of zombies is refreshing! Defeat powerful zombies to get diamonds, exchange a lot of coins, earn red diamonds to upgrade the turret, and replace it with a more powerful cannon!

    Strafed zombie-Fish Hunterd is not only gorgeous pictures, cool special effects, but also on the basis of traditional arcade fishing, a new plot mode of confrontation between east and west seas is added. In addition, the game scene is rich, including: Tortoise Messenger, Crab Defection, Ghost Captain, Mermaid Treasure, Dragon King, Sea Demon Hunting Ground and many other games. Each session is matched with unique gameplay and special rewards.

    The 100% arcade fishing gameplay fun is perfectly transplanted, and the screen is fully upgraded. There are a lot of bonus zombies and BOSS zombies in the game, which is enough to satisfy your visual experience! 100% perfect simulation fishing gameplay shooting zombies, enjoy the thrill of real fishing shooting! Innovative gameplay, new fun, new gameplay against zombies, comprehensive upgrades in quality, to satisfy your visual experience! Free gold coins are given every day, as long as you come to play, you will become rich and handsome! A lot of bonus zombies and big BOSS zombies are waiting for you to challenge, kill the BOSS with ten thousand times, and the big prize will not stop!
    1. The arcade machine plays the fishing shooting zombie game, the perfect transplanted fishing version reappears!
    2. Lots of free coins, so you don’t need to stop playing!
    3. The game has a high explosive rate, and all items can be given away!
    4. Restore the most classic gameplay in the casino!
    5. Exquisite graphics-even more exquisite than the real machine, the visual experience is perfectly upgraded!
    6. Go directly to the score-the whole machine starts to play, challenge the one-second bursting prize experience!
    7. Rich gameplay-a variety of Boss prizes to help you become a rich man!

    Added the function of subscribing to games to remove ads:
    Subscribe to our game, you can get ad-free benefits, allowing you to play the game without barriers
    * Remove interstitial pop-up ads
    After purchasing the subscription to remove interstitial ads, you will get our game to remove all interstitial ads, allowing you to have a quiet gaming environment
    * Remove rewarded video ads
    After purchasing the video ads removal subscription feature, you will get our game to remove all rewarded video ads, allowing you to freely use all the resources in the game, and reload without ads, complete instantly and get rewards

    If you have experienced the subscription function of our game, you will be addicted, because this subscription function allows you to get all the resources of the game for free!

    #1. Strafed zombie-Fish Hunterd (Android) By: woomtt
    #2. Strafed zombie-Fish Hunterd (Android) By: woomtt
    #3. Strafed zombie-Fish Hunterd (Android) By: woomtt
    #4. Strafed zombie-Fish Hunterd (Android) By: woomtt
    MOD, CHEAT AND HACK Features:
    You know what you are signing for when you play a freemium game.
    -Watch ads for rewards
    -Pay with real money to progress faster. And more progress = winning, therefore...

    Strafed zombie-Fish Hunterd MOD APK

  • Game Version: 1.0
  • Manual Steps:
    1. Install APK (original)
    2. Follow my advices and play

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