SpookVille – Matching Puzzle

Game Name: SpookVille – Matching Puzzle

Game description:

Meet SpookVille, the newest ghost match game that is ready to unleash its otherworldly fun! Need a refreshing free matching game with curios features? Search no more – you’ve just found a fine mystery adventure game!

Who you gonna call?

This is not an ordinary matching puzzle game – this very game is about ghost adventures! Odd spirits can’t get their earned rest because of a mismatch mistake – they can’t find any friends! But there’s a ghost catcher (or a matcher?) who is here to solve this spiritual issue. You’re right, this match master is you!

Spooky Game: The Scene

Our story game starts in a dark corner of the forest, near the old cemetery, where you’ll find two lines, which act as portals for our restless ghosts. Ghosts should be released from those borders onto the field between them and get their final match. But this puzzle-solving game has even more to offer!

How to Handle a Ghost

When you start matching ghosts, the field fills with random spirits. Just tap to drop the block – it will send colored souls along one of the columns of the playing field. The matching game begins!

But be careful: this block puzzle has a special mechanic. Ghosts will always fly in pairs – one from above, and one from below. All little phantoms fly in a straight line until they touch the first ghost in their path. This feature will make your drop game much more thrilling!

When you manage to place 3 or more same-colored ghosts nearby, they will be released and immediately leave the field. But the connect game continues: those ghosts that stood 1 cell above will take all free places below.

A logic puzzle with spiritual rules

It’s not a Halloween game, but you still can’t just mess with a wraith! Each such ghost game has its own rules:
1. Some levels ask you to match a certain number of ghosts of a specific color;
2. Other ones may ask you to match a certain number of ghosts of a specific color within a restricted number of moves or even seconds;
3. At some levels, you’ll get additional ghosts to cope with right in the middle of the sacred field, which will move all the existing ones closer to the edges. This happens when your time expires, so don’t chill with the apparitions for too long!

The goal of this matching game is to complete the specific task you receive at the beginning of each level. You win, when you do so. You fail, when any column of ghosts crosses one lane at the top or bottom of the sacred field. Don’t let your scary companions loose… or this scary game will have a bad ending!

Good luck there, the brave one – your mystery game awaits!


MOD Features:
You know what you are signing for when you play a freemium game.
-Watch ads for rewards
-Pay with real money to progress faster. And more progress = winning, therefore...

SpookVille – Matching Puzzle MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install APK (original)
2. Follow my advices and play

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