SpinDrink – Drinking Roulette

Game Name: SpinDrink – Drinking Roulette


Game description:

With “SpinDrink – Roulette for drinking” your parties will never be the same.

A game to drink with friends in a simple, fast, intuitive, very entertaining, and totally free!

Each player must launch the roulette and fulfill the task that it proposes (you may reject it, but in this case he will have a punishment that he will not like):

You drink!: You have to drink that the messages says.
You command!: With this challenge you should force anyone of your friends to drink that the messages says.
Challenge! With this type of challenges, you can choose if you want accept it or reject it. If reject, then you will be penalized… It’s your chance!

Now, in addition, you can create your own tests to enjoy the most with your friends. Create your own environment when and how you want.

The only purpose of “SpinDrink – Roulette for drinking” is to have fun, but always, remember, that you should drink in moderation.

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MOD Features:
You know what you are signing for when you play a freemium game.
-Watch ads for rewards
-Pay with real money to progress faster. And more progress = winning, therefore...

SpinDrink – Drinking Roulette MOD APK

Manual Steps:
1. Install APK (original)
2. Follow my advices and play

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